Incident Command System training aids and Command Training Center resources for instruction of:

Exercises, Drills, Assessments and Evaluations of: Disaster management procedures, Highway incident scene safety, Fire/Rescue/EMS operations, Law Enforcement, Multi-Casualty Incident Management, Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), Maritime Rescue, Harbor & Mass Rescue Operations, Area Command, Complex Critical Attack Terrorist Response, Active shooter and other related emergency service activities.

Compatible with DHS HSEEP Gaming Simulation format.

Home of NIMS City™: A True Tabletop Incident Command Training System

Mission: Ensuring that all Responders go home after the call is over, by providing excellent training aids and resources.

About ICS Toolbox

Tom Schwartz is the President of ICS Toolbox LLC. Tom's years of emergency service started in 1968. Tom's experience includes all aspects of EMS-Fire/Rescue operations as a Fire Officer, Station Shift Leader, and an EMS Director. He is certified as a NFPA Fire Instructor III, NFA/EMI 300.400, EMS, and special operations instructor. He was the principal writer of the National Fire Service Model IMS Procedure Guide for Emergency Medical Incidents, first and third editions. Currently he is on local and regional disaster committees along with hospital emergency management representing local and state support to national advisory committees for ICS, disaster and NIMS development.

Senior Associates

Ray D. Welch: Law Enforcement and Command Operations from Orange County, California. 30 years of law enforcement experience and professor of police science programs.

Michael Crowley: Mike has 29 years experience in the pre-hospital healthcare setting, operational supervisor, and support to emergency measures planning and civil protection planning. Mike was responsible for and accomplished many dossiers including: exercise planning and directing for the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport (Dorval), support and liaison for the pandemic response plan (SARS influenza) with all services at the airport; organizing and planning different information sessions with different services, companies. He was also a member of the City of Ottawa Terrorism Committee, from 2000 to 2004. Mike continues to serve part time with the Longueuil Fire Department.

James Wilson: James has over 30 years of fire-rescue and EMS experience. He is currently a county HAZMAT Coordinator and technician, paramedic, and firefighter with the Accomack County Virginia Department of Public Safety.

Robert Neamy: Deputy Chief, Los Angeles Fire Department, retired after 33 years with the department. Promoted up through the ranks to Deputy Chief of Operations (second in command of the fire department). Bob developed and taught the Incident Command System application for different type of incidents for all ranks including all Chief Officers within the Los Angeles Fire Department. He developed the LAFD manual regarding Tactical Alert Operations and Structural Firefighting Manual for the Department.He is a current instructor for CSTI (California State Training Institute) teaching Area Command for law enforcement and fire agencies.

Walter Marks: Virginia State Police, retired after 30 years with the department. Walter was involved in all aspects of law enforcement activity from undercover work, motor carrier enforcement and EVOC training, to initial SWAT training. He brings a critical and valuable law enforcement experience to the ICS Toolbox consulting and training services that is needed for a truly unified approach to incident management.

Technical Support

Joel Wood: Fire Service and Command Operations from College Park MD. 40 years of fire and EMS experience and retired Maryland Fire/Rescue Institute Instructor and master tabletop training facilitator.