Incident Command System training aids and Command Training Center resources for instruction of:

Exercises, Drills, Assessments and Evaluations of: Disaster management procedures, Highway incident scene safety, Fire/Rescue/EMS operations, Law Enforcement, Multi-Casualty Incident Management, Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), Maritime Rescue, Harbor & Mass Rescue Operations, Area Command, Complex Critical Attack Terrorist Response, Active shooter and other related emergency service activities.

Compatible with DHS HSEEP Gaming Simulation format.

Home of NIMS City™: A True Tabletop Incident Command Training System

Mission: Ensuring that all Responders go home after the call is over, by providing excellent training aids and resources.

ICS Toolbox provides ICS & Emergency Response Training and Consulting services and resources for the instruction of command and control exercises, course development and consultancy related to first responder and first receiver emergency services.

What makes us different?

The ICS Toolbox training team continues to be active with various local, state and national advisory groups and committees on updating and reviewing disaster & ICS training and policy documents. They serve in various command and support positions in emergency services and this provides our clients and NIMS City users with the latest information and concepts related to national incident management procedures and policy concept and directions.


The NIMS City Tabletop ICS Training Kit is widely accepted as the premiere hands-on ICS training aid in the country. Over 100 NIMS City Kits have been sold since Sept 2005. It is in use in over 16 states and 4 major metro areas, including Washington DC; Hampton Roads, Virginia; New York city; and the Massachusetts Police Academies.

The NIMS City Tabletop ICS Training System


The NIMS City Tabletop ICS Training System kit provides training resources to support the instruction of ICS and emergency response planning, special event IAP’s, drills and exercises for:

ICS Toolbox training aids allows first responders and support agencies the opportunity to learn and to remember the ICS process and your agencies’ Standard Operating Guidelines by providing the best hands-on ICS training aids available in the country. A training aid that your Emergency Service Organization owns. It is your training resource for your training program.

ICS Toolbox’s NIMS City is a great training tool for all emergency service organizations facing the new USDHS-NIMS mandates for ICS training.

ICS Toolbox training aids — NIMS City™ helps prevent death by PowerPoint

The training resources include large tabletop illustrations that depict an urban downtown roadway, rural interstate, and airport scene on individual 4x8-foot flexible plastic boards suitable for easy transporting and easy setup for training.

Training aids include model vehicles, templates and devices that depict ICS titles and command names along with key ICS functional assignments which are provided to ensure best-practice development of a complete ICS organization on each of the tabletops or separate command board.

Old-time command and control sandbox training methods have been updated to help your training team teach the new NIMS-compliant ICS 100, 200, 300, and 400 series courses, along with the new mandated Federal Highway Administration’s MUTCD-2003 temporary incident management procedures for emergency service organizations (ESOs).

We supply the ICS Toolbox training aids for your organization. You supply the teaching and coaching to ensure best-practice training for your community which makes for best-practice response. So “Everyone Goes Home.”