Incident Command System training aids and Command Training Center resources for instruction of:

Exercises, Drills, Assessments and Evaluations of: Disaster management procedures, Highway incident scene safety, Fire/Rescue/EMS operations, Law Enforcement, Multi-Casualty Incident Management, Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), Maritime Rescue, Harbor & Mass Rescue Operations, Area Command, Complex Critical Attack Terrorist Response, Active shooter and other related emergency service activities.

Compatible with DHS HSEEP Gaming Simulation format.

Home of NIMS City™: A True Tabletop Incident Command Training System

Mission: Ensuring that all Responders go home after the call is over, by providing excellent training aids and resources.

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NIMS City ICS Training©

Tabletop Simulation

True tabletop training model for ICS gaming, and simulation. Tabletop exercise system that can be adapted to model rural, industrial, urban and airport environments for NIMS-ICS responder training.


Product is for those who practice incident command (IC) on an everyday basis and for those who are learning to be a part of any community incident response plan that is compliant to USDHS-NIMS standards.

Used to test response plan implementation, teach and measure interagency coordination, cooperation and communication following ICS procedures. The incident response operational tool/system is applicable to all domestic and military responders.

Product Attributes: Compact Training System, Easy to Transport and Assemble.

Training Attributes

Target Audience: Responders, Command officials, Instructors, Facilitators, Local, State and Federal Officials, Incident Support Responders and private industry/ business.

Student Level:ICS — Basic, Intermediate & Advanced training, Performance level (operations), Technician (specialist), and WMD competency levels. Planning & Management for senior and executive level officials.

Training Types and supports for US BOJ/ OPD & DHS NIMS 00 ICS: Pre training, part task and whole task training for any ICS/ HSEEP training. Active User (responder) decision making, & enhanced communications, Functional and Full Scale Exercise planning & development, Command Post Exercise & Functional Area Command training, Incident Support, Operational Hands-on & Post Incident Analysis capabilities.

Note: National Sole Source provider

NIMS City ICS Training system includes:

Items support: Federal NIMS-ICS plan, FIRESCOPES Field Operational Guide (June 2004 edition), and Resource Kind and Typing list from the USDHS/NIC list as of December 2004.

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